Virtual Reality In Physical Therapy

Eran is the founder and President of VRPhysio Inc. He is an Ex IAF Executive officer and holds a BA in Business Management, Government, and Politics, and an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Business Administration from Ben Gurion University. Previously, Eran served as initiator and coordinator of the “IAF spinal cord damage prevention program” for air crew personnel and has significant experience in the physical therapy prevention industry.

VRPhysio develops smart virtual reality tele-rehabilitation platform that gamifies physical therapy and makes it Fun and easy to monitor. By using virtual reality games and interactive guides, VRPhysio devices monitor patients through their prescribed rehab or preventive exercises, measure progress and provide a report to the physical therapist.

Virtual reality based physical therapy provides patients with the continuity of care they need to keep them on track and motivated, on the path to recovery. The first product- VRPclinic , will be launched in May 2017 as a medical device and will revolutionize the physical therapy industry

Exclusive Offer from VRPhysio:

For our audience only! Eran has offered a special offer to join the early adaptors package: $300 per month or $3000 per year (instead of $600/$6000) for unlimited use of VRPhysio software.

Using the VR software only 3 times a week for the entire year (for 8 to 15 min/each time billed as CPT code 97110) covers the yearly price of the software.

If anyone is interested, all they need to do is email with their info and the word Knowbodies to be added to the list of the early adaptors package

Show Notes:

  • Eran’s backstory and PT experience
  • The birth of VRPhysio
  • The weaknesses of PT that virtual reality aims to improve
  • How will VR work? Details of the set up, parameters, and diverse application
  • Is VR a billable medical devise in rehab? is it FDA approved?
  • How can VR make a PT’s life easier?
  • VR in the clinic and in the home, its easier than we may think!
  • Who is VR most effective for?
  • What equipment is necessary to implement VR software?
  • The team at VRPhysio and the R&D coming in the near future
  • How easy is VR to implement and use as a PT tool?
  • The expansive reach of VR, and what VRPhysio is doing before anyone else
  • Quantifying PT sessions with VR and making treatments more efficient
  • Listener question: The ethics of VR and its potential to replace PT’s?
  • Listener question: Creating a start up on someone else’s hardware
  • The challenges and growth, and future of VR Physio

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Special thanks to Joe Lipsky and Dave Kittle for our listener questions!

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