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Joseph Reinke is the CEO and founder of Fitbux, Inc.  FitBUX is introducing innovative finance products and technology to the student lending industry with a specific focus on physical therapist.  Joe has been in the finance industry for over a decade and is one of the few CFA Charterholders in the world who has experience in both wealth management and business valuation (globally, there are only 120,000 CFA Charterholders).  He has hosted numerous live chats about student loans with SPTs across the country, presented at the California Student Conclave, appeared on podcasts, and written numerous financial blogs.

In this episode Joe and the Knowbodies discuss:

  • The development and back story of Fitbux and why Joe ventured into helping PT students
  • What makes the PT so unique when dealing with student loans?
  • Joe explains “human capital” and why it is so important when determining the best repayment strategies
  • What technology is being used to develop the best service for students planning for their future
  • What are the important numbers and loan information you will need to get your strategy progress in motion
  • A special case study with real numbers in a true scenario for a recent PT grad
  • The step by step process of reaching a decision based on what is important to your specific needs
  • How to target which loans to repay first
  • Establishing federal versus private repayment plans
  • Income driven repayment versus extended loans
  • When to switch from one repayment option to another or how to refinance your current strategy, especially during life events such as weddings, children, moving etc.
  • What impact will student loan repayment have on starting a business
  • Is there an ideal method to plan for retirement or savings when facing significant student loan debt
  • Joe gives recommendations on how to be in more control of your debt by implementing a Fitbux strategy

The content Joe shares is truly information that the knowbodies support and hope to share with all that could benefit from it. Student debt is not a crippling monster, it is something that takes strategy and planning and with the right advice and guidance it can be managed. To learn more about Joe and how Fitbux can help you, please visit the following sources:

Online @ and

Facebook @ fitbuxofficial

Twitter @ fitbuxofficial and @ fitptofficial

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