The Life of a Spoonie

This weeks episode features Saidee Wynn, writer, mom and warrior.

From Saidee’s blog, spooniewarrior

“I didn’t choose the Spoonie life, the Spoonie life chose me”

If you aren’t sure what a Spoonie is, I urge you to look up the Spoon Theory. It’s a pretty awesome story that describes life with a chronic illness. Energy = Spoons (to sum it up in a super short way that doesn’t do the actual story justice…). It has become a symbol for those of us with chronic illnesses. Basically, we never have enough spoons.

I am currently fighting POTS, EDS, PTSD, and many other letter groupings. I feel like I’m out there trying to capture the entire alphabet!  My symptoms from these illnesses have rendered me disabled and dramatically changed the way I interact with the world. They have also forced me to redefine myself in my current roles in life.

I am the mother of a super spunky, energetic little girl. I also have an amazing partner in life, who is absolutely my rock. You’ll be learning more about them as you follow my blog, because they will obviously be the subjects of many posts.”

Check out Saidee’s incredible blog, recommendations and advice on her website and “spooniewarrior” on facebook, instagram and twitter!

Show Notes:

  • Saidee is the author of – all things chronic illness and the journey of healthcare
  • EDS – Ehlers Danlos syndrome
  • Navigating healthcare with persistent symptoms
  • The tipping point of chronic pathology
  • Where do people really learn and connect over their health journeys?
  • Why medical providers should not completely divide people from their diagnosis
  • What exactly is a spoon? And what about a spoonie?
  • Whats it like balancing the process of pregnancy and managing EDS?
  • “Ive heard of this before, but its not very common”
  • The biggest factor in a successful healthcare relationship – “If a doctor believes you”
  • Are chronic diseases “solvable” or “curable”

Keep your eyes peeled for Saidee’s upcoming blog posts, novels and more!

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