Strength & Conditioning At The Pro Level with Sean Light

Sean Light is a Health and Performance Science Specialist with several years experience at the highest levels of professional athletics. Light has spent years within the New York Yankees and Arizona Diamondbacks organizations, and currently serves as the assistant S & C coach for the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA.

Focusing on proven sciences of neurology, physiology and several other foundational sciences, Light and 4A HPS have created a revolutionary approach to therapy and human performance training.

Show Notes:

  • Sean’s background, and the NBAs biggest missed opportunity
  • Meeting Brijesh Patel of Quinnipiac Athletics
  • Intro to Nate Shaw with the D’backs
  • Strength and conditioning and massage school?
  • Segway into the impact of Anatomy trains and PRI
  • What type of mindset does it take to apply to 32 professional sports teams
  • Sean’s experience with mentorship
  • Differentiating between certifications and experience
  • What the inside of the Lakers weight room looks like (exercises)
  • The accelerated evolution of Sean’s strengthening skills
  • Postural Restoration Institute
  • The complexity, and SIMPLICITY, of exercise prescription and progression for the Pro’s
  • Special considerations for the elite athletes, and the common goals during the season
  • How important is the actual weight lifted in the room
  • The funky neuro stuff and making athletes parasympathetic
  • Tailoring the assessment and integrating the subjective history into programming for the pro’s
  • Sean’s 2017 NBA champion prediction?

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