FitBUX is developing a one of a kind financial management platform. Key to our approach is the FitBUX Score. We look beyond traditional factors to draw a more accurate and truly complete financial picture. We use factors such as education, previous employment, earning potential and more.

The STAND Haiti Project

Mission: To establish permanent access to orthopedic rehabilitative services in the country of Haiti through direct patient care and clinical training of its citizens.

STAND (Sustainable Therapy And New Development) believes that freedom from pain and disability is a basic human right, not a privilege. In rural Haiti, only the highest socioeconomic class can afford medical care, but most people do not have access at all. This lack of access to the most basic care leads to widespread suffering from disabling pain and injury. These unaddressed ailments engender an environment where people lack the ability to work, farm, and care for themselves and their families. The social effects of this lack of care and community support are too often poverty, famine, and even death. By providing access to rehabilitative care, STAND aims to decrease disability and reverse its social effects on the populace. As a result, Haitians will be able to work, provide for their families, contribute to their communities, and ultimately enjoy a higher quality of life.

The Senior Rehab Project

The Senior Rehab Project brings you helpful conversations for rehab clinicians that serve older adults. Dustin Jones, PT, DPT, speaks with industry leaders to draw out useful, practical information for YOU – the rehab clinician.
The Senior Rehab Project features a variety of podcasts geared towards helping older adults stay active and healthy. 

Smart Success Physical Therapy

Learn how to make more money, gain more time for yourself and family, while influence more patients and people in the community! Educate yourself on things not taught in formal Physical Therapy School! This Online Academy accelerates your PT career well beyond any traditional CEU Course!

PT on ICE Podcast with Dr. Jeff Moore

Dr. Jeff Moore, Physical Therapist and owner of The Institute of Clinical Excellence, takes 15 minutes each day to give his take on a wide variety of business and clinical topics.