Toe shoes??? Grand plies??? How do you help dancers recover from injury???

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Institute of Clinical Excellence faculty member Jessica Davis, PT, DPT on this week’s episode of The Knowbodies Podcast.

Here are the show notes for this week’s episode:

1:28 – We welcome Jess to the show

2:42 – Jess’ background and experience with the performing arts

08:35 – The story behind why Jess fell in love with dance and ballet in particular

13:00 – What’s it like being ON YOUR TOES?!?!?!

13:40 – “Jess, what do you feel like when you dance?”

18:25 – How does Jess help her athletes transition through a time where most injured dancers and artists feel like they’re falling behind and have a sense of loss when it comes to a part of their identity?

23:20 – How Jess incorporates her background in dance when it comes to treating dancers with injuries

27:00 – The psychology of a dancer and how Jess has to navigate that psychology to incorporate verbal cues, tactile cues, and other strategies to get the most out of her sessions

30:47 – Jess’ history working with the dance community and her time working with the Pittsburgh Ballet

32:30 – We dive into the upcoming course – Performing Artist Comprehensive Management – Jess will be teaching as a part of the Institute of Clinical Excellence in Chicago at Entropy Physiotherapy and Wellness (run by the wonderful Sarah Haag and Sandy Hilton)

40:00 – Who would win in a dance battle – you or Jeff Moore?

If you want to sign up for Jess’ Performaning Artist Comprehensive Management (which you should!) you can check it out here:

You can email Jess at

Shoutout to the amazing movement of Christopher Johnson in this episode!

More details will be out tomorrow!

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