Paul Gough helps great Physical Therapists become successful business owners. Fresh out of PT School Paul was hired by one of the UK’s top professional Soccer teams where he worked as head Physiotherapist for 4 seasons. At the age of just “26”, Paul QUIT his high-profile job in pro-soccer to start his own clinic, known as the “Paul Gough Physio Rooms”. He has since built that cash-based business from a spare room in his home, to $1m +, multi-location private practice, in a country with a completely FREE socialist health care system as his main competition.

Show Notes:

  • Seizing the best opportunities WHEN the time is right
  • Be a people-person first, practitioner second
  • One shirt-different city
  • Overcoming the new patient flatline
  • Why it’s always a good time to create and share content and target the ideal market
  • What’s a PT practice anyway?
  • What to do with all the money you’ve saved for starting a business
  • The 2nd most important skill in business: recruitment
  • People work for people, not a business
  • Why business operators are stressed, and business owners get rich
  • Develop yourself and your business will thrive!

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