Paul Gough helps great Physical Therapists become successful business owners. Fresh out of PT School Paul was hired by one of the UK’s top professional Soccer teams where he worked as head Physiotherapist for 4 seasons. At the age of just “26”, Paul QUIT his high-profile job in pro-soccer to start his own clinic, known as the “Paul Gough Physio Rooms”. He has since built that cash-based business from a spare room in his home, to $1m +, multi-location private practice, in a country with a completely FREE socialist health care system as his main competition.

Show Notes:

  • Content marketing – stepping out of your immediate environment and realizing why people like “you”
  • How do people make decisions, especially about healthcare?
  • Yeah, healthcare requires selling, but can we teach how to do it in schools?
  • While we want to prevent poor health, PT’s may have a steep hole to climb to reach the mass public
  • The potential of employer-healthcare and why we need to get comfortable talking $$, weight loss, or performance as a motivator
  • Paul’s why: fulfillment and excitement
  • If you’re hungry, don’t overlook the multiple avenues Paul has created to help you grow
  • To beat “free”, you have to understand the importance of time
  • The AMOUNT of time you spend with a client BEFORE you ask them for their payment, and how easily they spend time with you, the MORE certain they are of your value
  • Teach the WHY, tell them the WHAT, sell them the HOW

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