Ryan graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a bachelors degree in Athletic Training in 2013 and graduated from Ohio State University with a doctoral degree in physical therapy in 2016.

Dr Mitch Babcock is a Physical Therapist and CrossFit Level I Trainer with a primary purpose of helping others pursue a greater state of health through fitness. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in exercise science, Mitch went on to receive his Doctorate in physical therapy to better understand the human movement system and help others recover from the injuries & limitations hindering their performance. With personal training experience in CrossFit, as a NPC physique competitor & in endurance events, Mitch continues to test his physical potential daily in order to better help you reach yours.

Show Notes:

Course reference: www.PTonice.com “Clinical management of the fitness athlete”

  • Development of a coaches mentality
  • “coach first, treat second”
  • Feeling a movement to teach a movement
  • Are PT’s movement experts?
  • What position CAN we play for fitness athletes?
  • Demystifying and reducing fear of movements
  • Appreciating something new and learning how to share the process
  • Zach Aguiar shoutout – Fluid Movement Master!
  • Having the natural eye for movement
  • Incredible advice for starting your career
  • “If you want to go quick, go by yourself; If you want to go far, go as a team”
  • Shout out to Jeff Moore and the ICE faculty, whose mission is to drive the needle forward in healthcare because the patients need it.

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Thanks as well to the spider cameo in Ryan’s apartment, appropriately spooky timing.

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