In this episode we sit down with Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Susie Gronski, PT, DPT and talk all about men’s pelvic health. Dr. Gronski practices out of Asheville, NC and treats a variety patients, both men and women, with pelvic health issues.

In this episode we specifically talk about men’s pelvic health issues and how she as a physical therapist helps men through the variety of issues they face.

We chat about:

  • Dr. Gronski’s background and how a personal experience led her to wanting to become educated about pelvic health in both men and women
  • The common male pelvic health issues that she treats on a daily basis
  • Dr. Gronski’s initial fears/concerns of starting her own clinic and working with men in a private setting
  • How does sex and sexual function play a role in the identity of both men and women?
  • The emotional factors involved when men are faced with pelvic health issues
  • How she educates her patients and the language she uses to navigate what might be a sensitive topic
  • Dr. Gronski’s new book, Pelvic Pain: The Ultimate Cock Block and why she felt compelled to write a book about male pelvic health issues

You can learn more about Dr. Gronski at her website:

And you can follow her on social media here:

Facebook: @drsusieg

Twitter: @drsusieg

Instagram: @dr.susieg

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