In this week’s episode, The Knowbodies sit down with Dr. Phil Carson of Carson Natural Health and Wellness Consulting. Dr. Carson is a Pharmacist by trade and is now the host of The Feeling Good Podcast where he focuses on natural healing practices. In this episode we focus on:

  • Dr. Carson’ background as a Pharmacist
  • How he transitioned from relying on pharmaceutical interventions and started to seek out more natural healing options
  • How a difficult childhood led to Dr. Carson’s interest in stress management
  • How stress can dictate both our mental and physical well-being if we let it
  • Dr. Carson’s advice on best practices for managing stress
  • Dr. Carson’s take on the opioid crisis and how alternative medicine will have a role to play in solving it

If you enjoyed this episode and are interested in learning more about Dr. Carson and Carson Natural Health and Wellness Consulting check out:

and on social media through @CarsonNatural

-The Knowbodies

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