Starting a new job? Beginning a new clinical? We sat down with Jerry Durham, PT to pick his brain and seek advice on how to OPTIMIZE the first few weeks during a new PT position. Jerry has been a great mentor to many PT’s and like so many of our colleagues, we deeply appreciate his wisdom and willingness to share his experiences form a patient-first perspective to healthcare.

Keys to success from this episode:

  • The mindset for the drive in during the first week
    • The physical flow of the clinic
    • Show up early
  • What are the managers looking for? How communication and education are perceived
  • How to handle the “experience” conversation
  • Owning what you don’t know
  • How to be accountable and using a log
  • Calming down during evaluations
  • How to get out of our own head – be the expert you’re trained to be
  • How self doubt is different than self reflection
  • Optimizing reflection and feeling effective
  • The potential of night journaling

Big shout out to The Institute Of Clinical Excellence, Jeff Moore, And the PT on Ice podcasts. Check out Jeff Moore talking manipulation on one of our previous podcasts HERE!

Follow Jerry on social media platforms @ JerryDurhamPT, tune into his podcast with Andrew Rothschild: Healthcare Disruption, and check out his website:

Jerry’s PT State Of The Union Address can also be found HERE

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