Fairytale Physical Therapy

In this episode we sit down with 2nd year Doctor of Physical Therapy students Jenna Kantor and Katie Schmitt (learn about them here) who have created an incredible project called Fairytale Physical Therapy in conjunction with their school, Columbia University. Katie and Jenna go to Children’s Hospitals and put on plays for both the kids and families…and the kicker is…the plays have choreographed dances that are composed of therapeutic exercises! Anyone and everyone gets involved in these plays and we had a blast sitting down with this dynamic duo who are making waves in the physical therapy world. To learn more about Katie and Jenna or if you’d like to reach out to them, check them out on their website: http://fairytalephysicalt.wixsite.com/fairytale

Special mentions in this episode:

FitBUX (www.fitbux.com)

Shoes4Kids GoFundMe account by Cruz Romero, DPT: Check it out here!

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