In this episode we discuss emergency medicine with special guest Dr. Steven Carroll. Steven graduated from the Emergency Medicine Residency at San Antonio Military Medical Center (formerly Brooke Army Medical Center) in 2012. After 2 years at Fort Hood, TX he returned to his residency program as core faculty. After finishing his military commitment in the summer of 2016, Steve moved to Atlanta Georgia where he is currently an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine with Emory University working at Grady Hospital.

Episode Shownotes:

  • Dr. Carroll’s pathway to emergency medicine
  • The birth of the EM Basics Podcast
  • The role of emergency medicine in all professions
  • Avoid betting on the Dallas Cowboys
  • Identifying true emergencies, thin slicing, and gestalt
  • Think while your calm to avoid freezing in fear
  • Reviewing:
    Cardiac arrest, what it looks like and what to do
    25 minutes in
    The vital signs and blood pressure
    Exercise and syncope
    Diabetes and glucose levels
    The emergency of pain
    The evolution of a clinician in emergency medicine
    Lifestyle changes that can improve society

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One thought on “Emergency Medicine featuring Dr. Steven Carroll

  1. Great episode with Dr Carroll. Very practical information about what to do in a seizure or cardio event. Also loved his story of how he became an emergency room doctor.

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