Diet Physical Therapy Edition with Guest Andrew Wade

Show Notes with Andrew Wade, MS, RDN, LDN

In this episode we are fortunate to have on the show Andrew Wade MS, RDN, LDN of Case Specific Nutrition located right here in Pittsburgh. Andrew is Pittsburgh’s formal diet and nutrition authority contributing his work via his multiple blog sites and also the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Get to know Andrew more by clicking here.

Today, The Knowbodies talk about how Andrew’s consulting and services company “Case Specific Nutrition” came to be and discuss some of the unique aspects of diet counseling that Andrew has developed from personal experience and over the years with his clients. Andrew breaks down the nuances of diet management when it comes to the mindset of the dieting individual, what makes nutritional planning effective, and some of the tools that he has developed to help clients stay on course despite hectic schedules and lifestyles.

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We tackle some of the toughest questions when it comes to diet management. For example: How accurate are the daily calorie allowances that are advertised on common foods? How does the athlete’s diet differ from the everyday Joe? And what strategies can a work-a-holic use to help them be more regimented in their meal planning once the time crunch of the workweek starts?

The world of nutrition is constantly evolving and ever-present in the media. So stay informed with our personal interview with the one dietitian that you need to get to know.

Learn about Andrew and Case Specific Nutrition

Andrew’s Biography:  Case Specific Andrew Wade Bio

Andrew’s Blog and Recipes: Pittsburgh-Dietician Blog

Case Specific Nutrition Social Media

Twitter: @amwadenutrition

Facebook: Case Specific Nutrition

Instagram: @casespecificnutrition

YouTube Channel: Case Specific Nutrition Channel

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One thought on “Diet for the Athlete, Work-a-holic, and Everyone in Between

  1. As Andrew said…there is a lot to think about and consider relative to personal diet choices. Meat prep – a key excellent concept. I was glad to hear about the need for change management relative to diet as being required to attain and sustain improvements. It is the same case as applied to business improvements, so it resonates with me.
    Andrew was engaging and informative, thank you.

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