Hello and Welcome to Our Project!

We are professional goofballs. By that we mean we are professionals (just look, we are wearing ties!) with our Doctoral degrees in Physical Therapy, but we are also ridiculously silly most of the time. This project started out of both a need to get answers that we weren’t finding in school and as a means to bridge the gap between topics in health and healthcare with general public. We thought, “Why not talk about these things in every day language that someone could understand if they were just listening in on a conversation at a coffee shop?” So that’s what we have tried to do!



Eric Dykstra, PT, DPT

Health and wellness has been a large part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a young athlete I promoted individual fitness training, team-building practices, and entrepreneurial thinking within the realm of physical fitness. During my undergraduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh, I completed coursework that allowed me to pursue a career in certified personal fitness training and post-graduate Physical Therapy studies. I find inspiration through motivating my friends, family, and clients. In my free time, I am an enthusiastic marathon runner and  IRONMAN triathlon competitor.

Will Boyd, PT, DPT

My path into the health world has been a rather unorthodox one. Once an English teacher working abroad, I took the LSAT expecting to go to Law School before having a revelation: I couldn’t sit all day. My next move was to head back to school and try to get into Physical Therapy School.  I’ve been a lifelong competitive soccer player and advocate for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Some of my current interests include treating patients with chronic pain, self-development research, and  learning the cash-based practice principles that are out there.

Nick Bracciante, PT, DPT

Over a decade ago I began to understand that exercise and healthy activity meant much more then the conscious decision to show up at a gym. In the time since, I’ve recognized the tremendous health benefits that diet, movement and education can bring to all individuals. Healthy behaviors and movement can be taught and encouraged in so many unique ways that it has become a passion of mine to relate these behaviors to individuals in sports, fitness and rehabilitative settings. As a fan of moving fast and moving heavy things, I am most impressed by those around me who strive to achieve great feats and have a blast doing it. I look forward to growing along side of the PT industry and balancing my time with all the great outdoor fun that can be had in the sun.