A Healthy Movement Business With Ryan DeBell

Ryan’s Bio: “I graduated from the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business. After realizing I didn’t enjoy the work I was doing (and sitting there writing excel macros thinking about how much more I would enjoy teaching people how to become strong, pain free, and move their body) I decided to make a change.

The switch lead me to the University of Western States where I earned two degrees: A master’s degree in exercise and sport science and a doctorate in chiropractic.

The Movement Fix is a resource, run by me, Ryan DeBell, to help you become strong, pain free, and move your body well. I believe these are fundamental human rights.

This website is more than just a site for my services. It is a repository of videos, articles, and podcasts to help you learn more about your body and how to own your movement.”

Show Notes

  • Welcome to Ryan and the Seattle weather
  • Introductions and identity
  • Themovementfix motivation
  • How to find blog content and target an audience
  • Open-mindedness and selfless ignorance
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration, keep an eye out for health fit biz Slackline
  • Handling the education conversation with other people
  • The weird (and accurate) conceptualization of negativity
  • A message for the people: “you only access large changes by small, daily things”
  • The importance of behavior change and how to start the conversation
  • DEBUT: The joint efforts of Ryan DeBell and Chris Johnson – bringing strength training to the running world
    • If you like this episode, our episode with Chris Johnson is also a MUST listen
  • The Amazing Race – Chris vs Ryan (1600, 400, 100m)
  • John Russin combines a variety of S&C principles that Ryan will use to prep for Themovementfix performance challenge.
  • The best programming for muscle mass AND long term health, stay tuned…

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