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We are professional goofballs. By that we mean we are professionals (just look, we are wearing ties!) with our Doctoral degrees in Physical Therapy, but we are also ridiculously silly most of the time. This project started out of both a need to get answers that we weren’t finding in school and as a means to bridge the gap between topics in health and healthcare with general public. We thought, “Why not talk about these things in every day language that someone could understand if they were just listening in on a conversation at a coffee shop?” So that’s what we have tried to do!


ICE Course Giveaway (June 23rd and 24th in Pittsburgh, PA)

The Knowbodies Team

Dr. Eric Dykstra

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Dr. Will Boyd

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Dr. Nick Bracciante

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We believe in helping others and truthfully, this podcast has opened doors for us that we could never have imagined. It has even led to consulting gigs for us. From that, Will built several video tutorials on how to start a podcast for both Mac and PC users. Just click the Microphone icon above to jump over to Will’s YouTube page to start building your own podcast!

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